Our mission.


The LSSO is an advocacy body representing students currently completing undergraduate degrees at Ontario Law Schools for the purpose of articulating their needs to, and building relationships with, the member organizations that govern their professional interests, the universities administering their legal education, and government bodies. The LSSO also operates to share information among student governance of its member schools and build connectivity across programs.

The LSSO advocates for student representation on external bodies and committees relevant to student life and to the broader legal profession. This includes building pathways to greater opportunities and representation of both students and young lawyers in the legal profession.


The LSSO researches the needs of law students, develops policy, and respectfully articulates these needs to professional partners, including the Ontario Bar Association and the Law Society of Ontario.

The LSSO pursues its objectives while fostering informed and collaborative relationships with professional organizations, thereby ensuring that the educational and professional vision of law students are meaningfully considered by relevant decision- makers.

The LSSO remains strictly non-partisan in its approach, although it reserves the right to comment on the decisions and actions of relevant professional bodies. The LSSO adopts a strict issues-based approach to advocacy in all of its communications.




​Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University

Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

Queen's University Faculty of Law


University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Common Law)

University of Toronto Faculty of Law

University of Windsor Faculty of Law

Western Law, University of Western 

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LSSO Constitution


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