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Passionate about Family Law? We want to hear from you!

The LSSO is in the process of formalizing a submission to the LSO to provide feedback to the Access to Justice Committee’s Call for Comment on a proposed model for a Family Legal Services Licence to allow paralegals to provide some services, with appropriate training, in family law. Paralegals, lawyers, legal organizations and members of the public are invited to provide comments. 

The model, presented in the Family Legal Services Provider License Consultation Paper includes a proposed scope of permissible activities in family law, the related competencies, and a framework for the training program.

Specifically, this would allow paralegals to:

  • Provide legal advice

  • Draft legal documents

  • Provide representation in court or before an adjudicative body

  • Negotiate legal interests or rights

With regards to the following:

Divorces, Parenting orders and decision-making (custody and access), Child and spousal support, Contempt/enforcement of orders, Separation agreements, paternity agreements, and family arbitration agreements provided that the client agrees to obtain independent legal advice from a lawyer, Change of name applications and Division of property.

Please help us inform our advocacy - we welcome your perspective on this new framework.

Please email with any thoughts or comments that we can use to inform our submission.

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