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LSSO Executive Elections 2024 | Élections de l'exécutif de la SÉÉDO 2024

Updated: Jul 9

Elections for LSSO Executive positions will be taking place during this year’s Annual General Meeting. Candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate law program (e.g., JD, JD/MBA, or other related programs) at an Ontario law school during the 2024-2025 school year.

The 4 positions for election are:

(1) President;

(2) Vice-President (Internal);

(3) Vice-President (External);

(4) Equity Officer

Candidates are elected in this order by the LSSO Council. Candidates for President must not serve as an executive on their law school's student government in the upcoming year. To learn more about each position and the LSSO’s governance structure, please review the LSSO constitution. Candidates may only run for one position. Candidates are welcome to contact for more information about a position of interest or the election process. 

Those interested in running for one of the above positions are required to send a 250 to 500word platform to Candidates will have an opportunity to give a brief (2-3 minutes) speech during the AGM and answer questions from Council. Platforms are currently being accepted on a rolling basis. All confirmed candidates will be emailed after this date with more information on election procedures.

Guidelines for platform submissions:

- Please include your email address;

- 500 word limit (please include a word count);

- Platforms should be submitted in a Word document;

- Platforms must be in plain text. Graphics and photos are not permitted and will be removed;

- Platforms must include a brief statement describing the candidate’s eligibility for election (i.e., year of study, degree program, name of law school);

- Platforms must clearly indicate which position the candidate is running for;

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